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August 06, 2009


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I think Mr. Cauguiran is trying to scam us. Why don't he turn to Shenyang and ask it to be included in the loan, or make it a loan to himself, and instead want Palau to fund him.

If Mr. Cauguiran represents shengyang, then how come he wants this loan to himself. Why not negotiating with Shenyang instead of talking to middle people like this guy? We are more and more becoming a laughing stock to our international neighbors. Oh Palau, Nautilus City, Solaris City,etc,etc.....

Alii, they are coming. They have heard about a remote Island called Belau, with its government so hungry for money, that they are even negotiating with diddly squats like Mr. Cauguiran.

Sorry Br. Balut man, our OEK is a sacred. Why don't you try Philippine Embassy? Maybe they have a better deal for you....Maybe run feasibility study on how your Embassy could stop running motel services. How all your private cars are carrying Diplomat Plates, and are seen running in Koror every sundays doing TAXI services. How you have never contributed anything to our society. Workforce? What workforce, your people are getting payed as employees, just like Bangklas, Americans, and anyone being employed here. Run your feasibility so thorough that you could see just how much are you scamming out of Palau...

I bet if we run this through Shenyang, they will fire him. He is not represnting the true interest of the company. He is using them to scam us....Feasibility Study -My FOOT!!!!!


If you see Mr. Cauguiran, tell him to suck BALUT! I can do the feasibility study for free of charge. What happen to Mr. Harley, the PI who got 200k for PSB fiasco?

Are we a Banana Republic, or what?



Because of the direction of our nation now, have opened windows to opportunists like Mr. Cauguiran. These guys have seen a lot, have done a lot, and I'm sure that negotiating even with Palau's higher ups is not going to be hard for them. We are gullible and greedy, and because of this, we fail at so many times to see th real picture behind a lot of things that we do. You see when a company offers $40m, a bigger country would think, now what's the catch? But our leadeship think, How much can they get out of the $40m. Most probably when the money is received, most of it goes to them, while we end up having $5m structure or a Port for this matter. So yes, we are more and more becoming a banana republic. Mr. Harley is just another Y2K that had his scoop dipped in and left. No one has ever been put in jail, and the public is still running around like headless chickens. Another examples are NC and SC projects. The endorsers are still coming out even to some private individuals and telling them of a fairy tale or a tall tale, and expecting them to believe them. To me, NC and SC are just another ones of the pyramid schemes, that is radically and desperately being pushed here. I would recommed our Law makers to come up with law to prohibit this sort of activities. They stir minds up, and could posibly drain everyone's purses and wallets. If they turn out bogus, where then do we get our money back. Taunton is still at large, and so does Mr. Harley. We do not have guts to bring them back, why? Because we feel sorry for them and think of them as human beings. When they concocted their doings, they thought of us as little crickets and maggots, who crave only for garbages.

I hope we will be smart this time.



If you think 5 million will built you an international level Port sufficient to handle "Free Trade Zone Business!?!?!?!? Puhlease pull the other furry rabbit from your ass now ok?

As far as NC and SC - at least they are prepared to pay their own way to do things and have not asked Palau to do silly things like feasibility study, build the infrastructure first (like Shimao), etc., etc.

If it were not feasable, Ngarmau Port would not have been designated free Trade Zone no?

As for Harley - hey no brain surgery there; TR paid that guy to find nothing... now TR still at large, Taunton still sipping champagne at the Palau Pensioners expense (and not forgetting all those other poor shmucks that had a PSB account).

Cheus whatever your recommendation is, it sucks (sorry to tell you that). You need to look at the big picture, but that's too much for what's left of your little brain cells to deal with.

Finally, NC and SC are pyramid schemes...? oh wow, how can I join? i need some money and pyramid schemes really work. How does their scheme pay and what do I have to do??????

Cheuas, please stop speculating and talk facts... thanks.

Jasper the Blabber Mouth,

NC and SC are Dreams so quit saying they are true. At the end of the day, you're going to start shitting bricks with your lies. You are an extremist and you still have not figured out how to appropriately get people to believe you and your dream cities. I'll tell you what, if you do not change the way you talk, we're all going to start speaking Palauan here, and you do not want that to happen becuase you do not speak Palauan. You said: "If you think 5 million will built you an international level Port sufficient to handle "Free Trade Zone Business!?!?!?!? Puhlease pull the other furry rabbit from your ass now ok?" And that's just what I'm saying Jasper. A point that you missed of a situation that I and my FELLOW PALAUANS are tires of already, a 10 for them and none for us sort of thing. And Harley was on a $250,000.00+ (Taxpayers)contract. And as far as I'm concerned, there is no bigger picture to look at in a dream. When you sleep its there, when you wake up "POOF" its gone. SC and NC are pyramid schemes and you know it because they way you talk, you are a part of it. You make me believe that you are LD himself as you sound like you're in love with yourself....

So before anyone else figure you out, you had better stop spreading lies or your nose will grow even longer and you're going to start shitting bricks...And if you continue being like that, we're going to start conversing in Palauan...

Sulang kau'l mengelengalek el checherou a kingellem.



I didn't want to tell you this, but since your too stupid to figure your own deal out, let me help you.

A plan such as your NC and SC must be communicated to all affected parties (citizens of Peleliu, all Chiefs, state legislature, the national government, and public). The whole idea behind is it must have a sound purpose and be well formulated.

As a focal person, LD or any one of his cronies (including you) must provide sufficient resources including funds, (Where's the money?) staff technical expertise (Who are the operators?) and time (When is the expected starting date?). You must also develop your implementation plan by setting your goals as to what you are trying to achieve (How are you going to include local workforce? Where is Peleliu after 20 years?) and, keeping record of all of your progresses (Keeping tabs with your stake holders).

See if you can think differently now. This is what the people of Peleliu expects. You do not just go and tell them to take a sip off your glass and expect them to do. You have to tell them, why and what are they about to take. If this is too hard for you, then I suggest you close your head, and just be yourself.

Or else, we are going to start conversing in Palauan, leaving you in the limbo...


A chedil...

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