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August 06, 2009


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This is the exact same thing. You turn the clock earlier by an hour, and you wake up earlier with no source of lights at home, so you turn them on preparing for work, then drive to work with your headlights on and using more fuel by law of amperage. You finish work, then when you go home, your lights are turned on and television turned on earlier, there is no savings. This has been observed for many many decades around the world...

It has been shown that 12 hours of sunlight and electricity usage in a 24 hour day is the same as 10 hours of sunlight because you will use 14 hours of lighting up your home or work, even if you turn the hours an hour, fore or aft. In the north and south poles, 6 months of sunlight is the same as 6 months of darkness, you won't use electricity in 6 months of sunlight, but you will use it in 6 months of darkness, same electric usage.

But what about tiny Palau with the rest of the world when Palau shifts an hour? If they exchange sensitive government or personal documents with Palau with this extra hour difference, how will it affect operation?

Anyway, if you turn on your lights at 7:30pm at night, you will still need to turn on your lights until 5:30am in the morning (not 6:30am because the clock has shifted an hour), even if you move the time for or aft, the sun still rises at the same as it has for millions of years.

Nice one Whipps Jr. There is a reason why our time zone is where it is and check with geologists and scientists before making a bill like this in the future.

Great bill, Senator Whipps. I know this will save ME money. Even if clocks are shifted an hour, I still will not need to turn on my lights in the morning to get ready for work. Then in the evening, we have an extra hour of daylight after work to be outside. People can exercise, farm, picnic with their families after work with that extra hour. AND we don't have to turn on the lights at the house til an hour later than we do now.

Thank you, Senator, for this thoughtful measure that will help me every month when my power bill comes around.

I live in the state and been practicing some of what you suggest. And yes! It really shows on your electric bill when you’re at least an hour away from home multiple times in a month. But remember to turn off all not needed lights and or appliances when you’re gone.

But then sometimes I wonder if the cost of commuting to and from the park including some other things enough to justify the means. Although I’m more inclined to believe that outing is quite a bit costly, I find it more fun and healthy for my kids. Most of the time, I wish I live in Palau so that I can do gardening or go fishing aside from going to the park or a zoo.

All in all, the point is trying to save energy and therefore, if we all agree and remember to turn off one light bulb that is not needed while your gone for the day, then that add up to lot of savings. Imagine if we all remember to turn off our water heaters when we go to bed at night or leave home for work. But then again each family has their own circumstance to deal with. If you have a laptop and a desktop at home try to use the laptop as it is using less energy compare to a desktop. Some of you may want to visit this site (http://michaelbluejay.com/electricity/howmuch.html) just to get the idea. Hopefully it will help.


I think we're already saving energy with these many outages. Two hours there, four hours here, half a day in babeldaoub. Whats the change? Look, i am not mocking anybody but this bill is fixing the hole on the roof with a chewing gum. You want change. Invest in some solar or something and or buy some new generators that doesnt consume a lot of diesel. This is a big problem and you cant fix it with one hour a day. You gotta look at the big picture and a long time run. You cant keep patching the hole because eventually your house is gone be covered with patches and at the end of the day when you totaled your patches expense, you could’ve built a new house. Invest people, thats the key. Every rich people knows that. Hontostyle state a good start. Educate your kids about saving power. Its important to our earth and people and especially our government financial. If you leave the kitchen turn off the light and the other rooms as well. Turn the tv off if no one is watching. things like that.

ungil chum

To you all,
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How about the 80's cell phone?


Back in the days when the flat screen LCD TV hasn’t born yet.


Sorry folks for posting these links but I find it more amusing and perhaps something that some of us can relate to.


Sorry, this a correct link:


SEN. Surangel Whipps Jr. earlier proposed a measure to require that the Republic of Palau observe the time zone of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Why are we required to do this? Why don't they come up with measures to limit power consumption on government entities and to penalize those who uses energy unneccessarily.

Ngerulmud consumes 40 or 50% of the total power. That law should ammended while it's still pending to regulate and limit the power consumption for Ngerulmud and put in some harsh penalties as well, because it is the national government that's consistently breaking the rules and not paying their bills, and not so much the public.

Here's what I do, Both I and my spouse work every day, and our kids go to school. When we all leave in the morning, we would then turn the main switch off, only to turn it back on at 6 pm. This method have helped us save over 50% of our power. And its also good for the appliance when you are away and there's a sudden surge or power outage.

To come up with measures to change the time, will not only a waste of effort, but an adjustment that needs to be made internationally, which I believe will affect those who are eyeing Palau for possible business or vacation destination. We have lived all our lives on this time zone, isn't changing it now kind of odd?

Power saving is a job for each Palauan if he/she wants to save money. We do not need a law to require us to save money, because when we carefully look at it, it still does not make any difference if one is not taking it upon his own initiative to try and save his own power. His complaint would still be the same, where he would only blame it on the power rate, and not himself...

Good law SWJr, but I do not think it can solve our problem.


Alii Cheuas,

I did not appreciate this bill when Surangel Sr. introduced it during 7th OEK but eventually I saw the point and gain in this bill. Most of you have said it in the blog on street lights of Koror.

If daylight is longer it will delay turning up the lights at night. This is natural energy savings. Since we are on the equatorial belt, it is better we synchronize sunlight to fall within 6am and 6pm on the clock.

For social purposes when people leave work at 4:30pm the brightness would be like that of 3:30pm. There is still lots of light to do gardening or even sports or fishing. Then nights or darkness will be inversely be longer or starts right at 6pm until dawn at 6am. Think of the possible outcomes for couples when there is longer darkness on their hands or mind or whatever. We need the population increase so whatever factor that can contribute to it should be welcomed. Just my thoughts on the issue. Sulang.


"We need the population increase so whatever factor that can contribute to it should be welcomed".- Ha,ha,ha,ha....That's a good point Santy! Thanks, I didn't think that but, hey...

I guess the main issue boils down to power savings. Changing our time cycle is good, but the important issue is how we change our attitude and start realizing that everything is costly, and our laws could be changed several times over, but could still prove no benefit if the real concept remain not grasped.

But after this becomes law, we'll probably be jetlagged for a while until our physical system adjusts to the cycle. Just one of my foolish thoughts....

While at it, isn't it also helpful to mandate also for a giant solar clock to be installed centrally to help as well?

Sulang for your thoughts...


Well for me it just doesn't work (make sense), waking up at 6:30am, it is still dark inside our homes, even more if we wake up at 5:30am, we need to turn on the bathroom lights, kitchen lights, etc. My home isn't made of glass or open enough or wall-less for the sunlight to hit inside at 10% from the tree-full horizon.

If you go inside any office at anytime, the lights will be turned on irrespective of the time of day as long as there are people inside, some offices may save money if their windows are facing the sunrise or made of glass, but c'mon, there is optimism and being realistic.

Some countries have experimented with daylight savings and they observed even more usage of electricity. No country near the equator ever used daylight savings, ever. Don't label it as energy savings.

This bill is probably a residue from Sr.'s idea.

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