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August 10, 2009


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Government shouldnt be paying state bills. What the hell!!!! If you cant afford to have streetlights then don’t. Look I understand the population and the traffic and more cars than anywhere else but state and the Government needs to come with a diff. Alternative rather then the Gov. the Gov. the Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov.

I don’t approve earmarks but if they really want to have streetlight then their state Delicate can ask for money to but streetlight but not to pay their monthly bill for their streetlight. We like to have things but the problem is nobody ever sees anything through. Before you do anything you got to do some research. You cant just jump in to it. Study the traffic and figure if you really need the lights then if you do figure out how to pay for the lights and whose gone pay for the electric bill. We buy good things to make our island look good but when the bill shows nobody wants to pay for it and then we go Gov. should pay it. Gov. can only do so much and the state needs to start taking some of these responsibilities

They are having the lights lit up to impress the U.S delegates, even some Palauan citizens have American flags adorning their cars. How patriotic.

Good way to keep those rock throwing kids from doing their things though, we look more like monkeys with them around.

I admire the admiration but very sad. Why.. we dont have enougt of our own flag?

The street lights along the streets of Koror are crowding the streets. I'm from Koror, born, breed, and still live in Koror. I hate the street lights. Ng kmal mengirmerm! Who asked to put 'em up anyways? It's better not to have them at all. Give it a little time and some of the lights will not work, making them uglier. If we have more lights around, then put them around the area of the police station, the jail, and the pension plan. It's too dark in that area and one is scared to walk around the area eleng kmal milkolk. I parked my bike by the jail area, across the SS office while I went to the gym. I didn't have to ask the police because it was dark and no police saw me park my bike there. Tial rael adi lomais er ngii a mlai meng meluich er ngii. Ma Koror State alsekum eng ngii a soal a street lights e lobes er ngii. First, mchoit a udoud el remuul a ikal rael el mla metemall meng melemall a ikal third hand el mlai el remurt er bebul. And remove the bumps on the roads. Ngsoad a smooth el rael meke de mengasuart e siment. E solae, kuk mo melechang a bump? Bai lak moruul a rael kung el mo smooth. Add more pot holes on the road mel slow down the traffic. I plan to die and burried in Koror. I don't want them mengirmerm el street lights. You're overdoing it, man! Me kemiu el ngara Koror State office, come down e lak momdasuu el kmo kom chelid. Eyang, elikkeang! Ngdiak a chised?

Bom soro.

Kerkikl e ngosecha renguk, eh! Morkedak ea kmol ngmasech a renguk e monguu a bosel a TR!

Forget about the street lights if no one wants to pay for it. And really, most of the time drivers do not follow the lights. I've seen some who drives away or turn when there are no incoming traffic even though the light is red. The maintenance and the cost is too much. It could be a salary for 1 or 2 police officers.

No way,
I think you mix-up traffic light with street light.
Anyway, they should invest in solar panel for each street light. We live close to the equator and so the source of solar energy is great. Let’s take advantage of our geographical location.



HS, ke meral mesulang for correcting me. Yes, it is a mix up. And yes, let's invest in solar energy since the design at the Hospital is awesome. It serves two purpose being a parking lot cover and of course, the solar energy. We have so much sunshine and we could convert that to energy without wasting money from the government that we do not have.

lights are great

No too long ago, Palau installed its very own traffic lights. The purpose was to regulate the traffic congestion. Activation of this lights happens to coincide with the festival of arts. It was believed to have been put up to impress our neighboring countries that our roads are controlled by lights.

After that, we started having cops do it manually because the lights proved to be an obsticle. So.....they were dismantled, and the where abouts? Who knows? Another move made to spend tax payers money. Now, the street lights. I'd say, since they are situated in the heart of koror, they probably serve as barrigades for vehicles that veers off control, instead of hitting BOH and PRA, they hit lights first.

The solar system at the hospital, generates half of the power system in the hospital, while major appliance and medical equipments are generated by PPUC. A good slice of power bills to BNH. Why don't Palau get these kinds of lights. With the economy stagnating and fluxuating rates, it is best to settle for these, if we are really into saving.

Let's all wait and see what comes next, and which company will take the project, because it has already become a tradition that who so ever becomes the Chief of The state must dictate who will be awarded which contract. People it's a very nasty eco-political games are being played in Palau. Look around you! See which projects are ongoing. Decide for yourself!

So you see, when the US delagation came, they were not shown a picture of a needy country, but a potrait of a wealthy nation. Then the compact road. Bordallo took one good look at the land slides and exclaimed: " This was a poorly constructed road". But who do we point our fingers to? TR? JT? No...the section of our pact with US that talks about the 55 mile road. We looked at how much it is going to cost free of charge, rather than how long will it last. DAEWOO is gone, taxpayers are scammed, and now what? DAEWOO may have scammed that much (or more) from us, and the result of their work, will scam us more in the next 3 years or so.

Our Administration should focus deeply on rebuilding the nation, rather than dipping their scoops in its vault. Imagine this, Most of us find time to fish even on hardcore weather conditions, to feed our family and a little to sell for extras to make ends meet. Living on $100,000 per annum does not change someones diet, as he still goes and buy the very same fish that we eat everyday. The only difference is: We pinch our dollars and work hard to earn a diddly portion of what they play around and earn, and yet, we continue doing it because we do not have a choice. Why don't they award us the same choice that they have now, so that we can all live comfortably.

I fail everytime to understand what motivates their actions, and why can't they see us, the same way we entrusted our beliefs on the very reason why they are there. The people are not talking anymore Mr. President! They are weeping! Or are you living by what they preach everytime we get on a plane? "PUT YOUR MASKS ON BEFORE YOU RENDER ASSISTANCE TO THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU?

Is that it?

I hope someone can put in a good thought because all of these is more and more becoming senseless, arrogant and insatiable deeds devised to further rob an already emptied vault.


It's all clear!! This is not new with our politicians. Everytime they get ellected they start acting like its their permanent job for life. I say when the time comes, we will look at their report cards and look at the F's and send them home!! Wait and see when they get voted out with loans up to their ass and can't no longer pay them back!!


It's not very hard to tell what their grades are. Here's the scale:

----higly regarded
----not a success

Now let's evaluate!!!!


I give congress-D because some of them do have hearts or else it would be F

administration-borderline between C and D

Cheuas, just a thought bai kirem el create era site er tiang e send er ngii el mora rokui el chad er Belau me te sebecherir el grade er tika el mengetekled. This was a good idea.



Cheuas…………this is cool but you gatta be fair. You got twice as much inquiries in F then A. You got all the shame and discredit terms off of the whole dictionary in F. The further you get from A the list gets longer and longer. Disgrace and humiliation, are you mad at somebody? The scale looks like it’s for someone in particular. Hahaha I still like it though. I am just curious how the outcome gonna turn out if everybody evaluate. Theres gatta be a way for everybody to do it and get result. This will be insane I swear.


ungil chum

Chad er Belau

Perhaps a few, I wanna say most politicians but that just makes our government a fraud and I don’t even wanna think about it. I agree with you but I don’t think their acting like if its their permanent job. I think they think that when they get elected they own it like its their company. You know what I am sayin? they think they own the government and that’s why they do what ever they want and nobody ever really step up against these idiots and that’s why you see this infinite of waveform deceit, distortion and money laundering and we cant stop it. We could but we chose not to because if we did, punishment for Delegate Basilius bill for STATE MORE ACCOUNTABLE TO TAXPAYERS MONEY would be harsher then $1000 and 3 months behind bars. I know its not a bill, it’s a provision to an existing bill but still.

We need to stop slappin these guys on the hand every time they messed up and start whoopin em with bamboo or idungel, meklou el idungel. Trust me, after this bamboo and idungel you will see these guys walkin around with golden ring hovering on top of their head and maybe some wings. Not two wings, just one we still need to watch em.

Ungil chum


I'm sorry if I sound judgemental but the "A" folks are recongnized, praised, talked about and then placed in thier respective positions (Higer Grounds).

The "B" Folks are lessed talked of beacuse they seem ok. They can manage their work quite ok.

The "C" and "D" Folks are encouraged, desciplined and placed on a purgative positions because there is still a chance for the better.

The "F" Folks are those, we do not need, who rejects changes, do not listen, selfish, lack the mentality and the smarts to reason, cannot even walk on their own, cannot even see beyond their height and the list goes on....

I would like to think that, most of them are on Lvel C&D, but come closer to the next election, maybe some have moved up to "B" or "A", and the rest have gone to "F".



I would give this government a "D+"...They're pretty much borderlining failure but the enthusiasm to improve is there....I hope they can get their act together and revise their game plan. Some of their actions have worried me and i hope they come to their census...It hasnt been a year....Lets wait for the spring semester....

FYI….the Senate approves the increase of the salary regardless (MARIANAS VARIETY). House is in the basket either, no doubt. Now they just need to find where to get the money. REVERSE SYSTEMATIC “VERY NICE” no wonder why we aint going no where. Our captains are navigating with a constellation pyxis. Aint that a bitch.

100 k for the Press 50% increase
75 k for the Vice 30% increase
45 k for the mistress oops Ministers, my bad 15% increase

The sad part is there's nothing you and I can do to stop it.


Okay, then we just have to collect it from the Koror residents. We are good to it, it has been a way of life for sometimes. Its just we want the Gov't. to do things Nationality rather than play politics with the Palauans.

small and troubled


Oh yeah, I doubt if they can earn grade C by the end of their term/administration. I just think - future generation deserve better fast.

If anyone believed they are any better than letter D then, it"s because the foreigners living in Palau are increasing valued than the struggled youth.

let's have faith that at the end of the tunnel......Palauan leader have learn the meaning of being servant.. ----follower

small and few,


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