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August 11, 2009


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This is very odd people. You see this everywhere especially the state but the state is the Fed going after executives and brokers and bankers and all the greedy bastards but with us, it’s the Feds going after these high ranked government officials. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? I just don’t see how people relinquished so much for a very small prize. Its pathetic in many levels and when they get caught they get a slapped on the hand and probably a hug.

The fact of the matter is these guys that were suppose to serve the people and the country and they got compensate with a lot of money compare to all of us are just lying to our face and steeling right in front of us and the thing is, they don’t loose a sleep. And when they see us in some coffee shop they go HEY…UNGIL TUTAU…KEUANGERANG…DI UNGIL A ROKUI EL TEKOI….MA URIUR. And then he goes cash his fat paycheck with the government seal on it. Aint that a bitch. Its so unfair for the rest of the citizens that just sit there and watch them cook the government with their own snake recipe and then when one get caught with their hands in the cookie jar they go Ok so, who’s the next in line. You have experience NO. Not really, thats fine you got the job. It aint that hard. Just don’t get caught. You might get hug. IMBECILES

ungil chum

Get these crooks out of the public office and put them in jail. If they remain in the office they will continue to do their own illegal business and activities. Who knows what they have done before and now they are just getting caught. And once found guilty they should not be appointed to any government office again, nor hold government jobs.

Palau should have stricter and stringent laws against these crimes and criminals. Especially when one hold a high public office one should be held to a higher standard.

It is sad. I am sure if it was just a normal Joe, he would be in jail right now.

It's Crazy.. Just think how many people could be doing the same thing... Your co-worker,neighbor,friend...You just never know...

I think Palau should be more stricter in How people are getting these jobs/positions.. Everybody knows, In Belau it all comes down to who your related to... while people who got degrees and experience in those jobs are overlooked..

These people we"re talking - blab, blab about have existed among us . You just needed to be concerned and make sure you"re not one of them. I say make sure your own kids are good and so our love ones. I mean our family, our clan, our friends, and maybe our neighborhood.

In some places, it can be different scenario due to size and the population, but here in Home, Mongul eng Molengmes can bring promising outcome.

tangorung e dimch.......


Iang chelik e Husky e rungalek...Tiakid a meral tekoi. Adang mekerang. Teuangera rechad ra beluu? Ke mlo ra kemeldilel a Kitalong ma lechub eng diak? Alii tirekei a kmal chedad a rechad ra belau. Bong e mei e kuk em cheremii tial urekerek el uasech er ngak. Ngkmal oisii e melaok. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Seikid a tekoi. Me boluaisei. Ma uriul.

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