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August 05, 2009


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Just thought I would share this with you all,

I am 50/50 for casinos. But since I am not well aware of its operations, is maybe why I am unsure. Can anyone educate? Santy? Uchelmelis? Jasper? Islander? All?

Advantages of Casinos

A casino can provide lots of jobs, some of which are very well paying (dealers and slot attendants mostly). The city the casino is located in will receive a large amount of tax dollars from the casino, thus making that city wealthier. If a casino is opened in a rural area where there aren't a lot of businesses, having a casino there will bring other businesses in, such as restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and pawn shops, which will bring in even more money for the city.

The state will also be getting a cut from the profits, from taxes and any fees the casino might need to pay to the state's gaming commission in order to stay operational. If the casino is not located near many other casinos, it can draw tourists to the area, bringing in even more money. You can also win money there, although the odds ARE against you.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Casinos
Casinos are facilities that allow legalized gambling activities. From its early beginning have assumed that role. Recently, they have evolved into entertainment centers while retaining their origins.

Casinos aren't always welcome in some areas as some residents opposed gambling and the crimes usually associated with it. However, there are some who permit these facilities in their cities provided certain provisions are met. This article intends to discuss what casinos bring into communities.

Money When properly managed, casinos bring huge wealth into cities as gambling laws often require steep taxes from their operators. These taxes can then be used to provide much needed services to the communities they belong.

Entertainment Recently, casinos transformed themselves to accommodate entire families aside from the usual gamblers. Some casinos offer theme parks, luxurious hotels, sporting venues, department stores for everyone to enjoy. These amenities increase the income while inviting more visitors.

Tourism With its transformation into entertainment centers, casinos can now invite more tourists for other purposes other than gambling. Visitors, some from halfway across the globe, do not only visit these facilities to gamble but to watch a highly anticipated boxing match or even get married!

Increased Employment These changes forced casinos to employ heavily and is another important benefit for nearby communities. Casinos now require different workers to take care of its numerous facilities. From managers, chefs, entertainers, security guards and a whole lot more now enjoy rewarding careers.

Improving communities Cities most often profit from improved local services and infrastructure brought by increased revenues from taxes obtained from casinos. Hotels, restaurants and transportation hubs are often built near casinos while surrounding roads and areas are further developed or expanded to accommodate more structures. These improvements also benefit casinos with an increased number of visitors who come to gamble or avail of its entertainment centers.

These benefits are just a few that are usually brought by the presence of casinos in a city or community as believed by its proponents. There are however some disadvantages that are observed.
Crime Those who argue against the presence of casinos in their communities argue that crime rates increase. Despite stiff gambling laws, cheating persists and some believed that some operators do not pay full taxes. In some lax or improperly managed casinos, drugs, alcohol and prostitution exist and are either tolerated or ignored.

Addiction to Gambling There are also gamblers who become pathologically addicted to gambling that their lives and their families suffer as a result. While there are groups that help rehabilitate these people, some argue that having no casino in their communities at all is the best way to prevent it.

All of these benefits and disadvantages are seen and observed by residents of cities that host casinos. While it appears that the advantages outnumber the disadvantages, it should be noted that they are significant enough that these disadvantages should be wisely considered. Casinos can indeed bring fun to the family but it also poses some danger.

Hope we can have a healthy discussion on this. Seems like the hotest issue around this week...


Alii Cheuas,

Casino is based on impulses. Playing with money. This by principles from different school of thoughts and faith based orientations is problematic. I personally believe that money is a resource to be used in constructive ways. Never to be played with whether you are Chinese or not. Believe it or not gaming is illegal in main China for good reasons or should I say bad reasons so they let their people go to Macau. China recently adopted a law to control issuance of visa for their residents to travel to Macau in effort to discourage gambling. And this is China.

Read the bill. It is virtually giving everything to the casino operator in our house including the kitchen sink. They are asking to be exempt from FIB so not to pay the $500 per foreign employee per year, ABTC (alcoholic beaverage and tobacco control board) so they can make their own hours, exempt form import tax so not to pay materials and equipements to used for the casino, and Exempt from GRT tax. That statue of limitation of one year instead of 6 years be imposed on casino operators and employees. Why? You figure this out. That they ask that their audit cycle be 40 months! These two will make any violation of law in casino home free, especially the operator and his employees. If you ask me, tirkal tikel tebengel cheleoch el ngalek.

And get this. All the violations cited in the law are only given civil penalties. No criminal penalties! What about our current laws on money laudering, prostitution, bribery, and so forth. And also the bill cite that ignorance of the law is admissible as an excuse for the operator and his employees. Now I must be real stupid to let this by without a word of question. Why! Also it also asked that criminals record of the operator/applicant be confidential. This already stinks and it's not here yet.

This bill is insult even for those who say casino will bring money. First they originally proposed initial fee of 10mil then reduce to 5mil and now it is only 1mil. And get this. They ask that it will be paid by reducing their tax of 15% by 5% until the 1mil is cleared. This people are actually using our money to run their business.

If you have a chance read the bill and see if you are convinced that it will bring in more money for us. Tinian Casino have not be able to pay their full taxes since day one. I have a copy of Governor Tenorio's letter dated back to 2002 to that effect. And this people are not even in yet and they are already bargaining with our taxes. I still say this is belsiich at best. And I have Bachingkp and virtual internet to back me up on my stance.

The most important fact is not a single one of 8th OEK members can explain why these provisions as I have cited were written that way. Senator Whipps Jr. revealed last nite at the Rubekul Belau public meeting that none of them had a chance to discuss the bill and only Chairman Diaz had written the committee report without a meeting with committee members. Sens. Ada, Oilouch, Rudimch, and Whipps Jr voted against its second reading yesterday.

Call your Senators and Delegates, especially if they authored or supported this bill and ask them why the bill was writing to clearly exempt and favor the foreign owners of casino in the most libral terms that has not been extended even to Palau owned businesses in the entire history of Palau. Pounder on this and get back to me for more exchange. Sulang.


My word!!!

They are asking to be exempt from import tax so not to pay materials and equipements to used for the casino, and Exempt from GRT tax. That statue of limitation of one year instead of 6 years be imposed on casino operators and employees.

Alii, DAEWOO had the same issue with us. They managed to have themselves free from paying any tax, so look what we have now. No money left for maintenance. No guarantee, no nothing! The whole idea of a casino may be in some aspects good, but it is our inability to propose what we require as what's good for Palau. I guess that's why we are running out of alot to include our natural resources, because we get comfortable doing the same thing that we forget to think WHAT if we run out.

It is sad to realize that the view of change that I for one had in mind, (you included) didn't work out, and I would just blame it on the political drama part of it that is being played on the poor citizens by the tyrany of these heartless supremes. I know that if you are there you would put a brake on it as you would always have with the other bills during your term.

Most of them owns businesses and they should know that the citizens are first. I am angry and sad at the same time, and I pray that should it become law, casino will only work for the benefit of Palau and her citizens.

Like I said, I have supported you, and I will continue to. It's not everytime do we agree over a point, but it is everyday do we breath, feel and think as Palauans..

Thank you and good day!


Ng kmal mesaul a Santy ra ikla chais. Ng kired el mo kerekikl ra ua ikal tekoi le ika tekingir a rechad ra meklou el beluu.

E ngak a kmal diak el soak a tekoi ra casino. Ng diak el chelechang! Ng kora mo uase el tekoi el medung el mora Daitorio ra lolekoi a ongesecheklel a ududir el ngii el tekoi a kmo,"Ng diak el chelechang."

A kmal mui el loumerang el kmo ng kmal dirk ke sebeched el lomes a ngodech el tekoi ra omeruul el uaikel dilu a Belau Citizen er sel website ra Daitorio el milsaod a betok el tekoi ra keruul el casino a dial el belsachel el lobengkel.

Ng meral sel bo de kosekes ra udoud e ke de meral kora di uai a detuchel a diak a llel e dekaititeboid el ua ses el eolt el diak de betik ra cheskiik.

Ak lmuut el dulii, e lmuut, e lmuut, e lmuut.......el tekingel a Rubasech Santos Olikong,"Ng debelobment el mora rechad er ker???"
20,000 ma derengel el chad e diak desebecheklii e mesaod ra omengetmeklir a re100,000 ma derengel el chad?

Sumimasen e Honto-Style, tiang mekeskelang?

Ak mla mo ra Vegas-Sin City- mak mla oubakutsi. Ng mla rengii re ngak mak mlong! Ngududek el kulengerker meng techa oklak! Engdi ngodech le tia beluu ra Merikel el diak el Belau el kekerei. Ngodech ele klechad er kid a dirkak el retechii a uai sel klechad. Kom kmo te di rechad ra ngodech el beluu a oubakutsi, engdi sel mengai a chesmerlel ngii el tekoi, e ka di momes...

Ng soak a debelobment, ng diak a chetil, engdi ng soak e soad a mellomes el debelobment el diak el rrechorech el reng ma rrau el reng er ngii.

Me ka doius!!!

ak mo lotkii sel taem ra lengarngii a poker machine er belau. ng dirrek el kmla mle betok a mekngit el kar el remurt ra bleuu. mak kora omtab el kmo, a beluad er chelechang el mla mo telkib el meiusech ra usbechel ma oterullel a mekngit el kar, kelel denguu tial tekoi ra casino e lluut el mo uai a ngaramong el betok a mekngit el kar el remurt ra beluu. ngmle betok el chad a mlo smecher ra usbechel a mekngit el kar, ma rebetok el mekekerei el redil a mlo olterau er tir el kirel a usbechel a mekngit el kar. ma rebetok el telungalek a ulebriid, le rubak a di udeuudel e diak bel rei leng di merkol lokngemedii a ududel a erul sandei lousekool a mesil, e sel bel rei ea mechas checherd e diak el ruul a kall, e ngii a mekurs a mondai ma klakoad, ea rengalek a mengesuch er ngii el mocha meruul a delngerenger.

ke de rokui el medengei el kmo a casino a remurt er ngii a betok ludoud, e Belas ke locha dimlak mesterir, eng di sera omngara Vegas lometech a derdart el kluk ra bebul a tebel, ea rebetok el klebokel e mimokl a sailengir el milngetab er bitar kau. e tirkang a rengum terua techang, tirkang a chad ra ureror. ngarengii sel tara kombalii er tir el Bunny Ranch, ke locha dimlak borngii eng di ulekum ke mlong me ke ngilai chisem er tir. engdi becherei e tiang a mesubed a rengud erngii leng kuk siobai el uaisei e subed er tail beluu ra Vegas. eng di kuk denguu el merkid, ulekum meng mo tekoi a Casino, e kelel loker a uaikaikid el siobai el mei ra beluad. e dirrek ak kmal bekikl a deluut el mo chemaot ra usbechel ma oterullel a betok el mekngit el kar ra beluad.

mak dirrek el bekikl a leborngii a casino er belau leng ngoleker e betok el bedengel a siobai el mei ra beluad el diak lungil el merkid. nglocha ungil mora klekangkodang el mera beluad, eng di diak lungil el merkid el kmal kekerei el beluu e mekesai el chad.

Someone who's been working for PPUC for years was asked to resign or be fired. That's because the person had forged university degree. The person wisely resigned. Good job, Ken! All the Gov't Directors and/or managers in semi-government agencies should verify their employees who submitted college or university degrees when they applied job. Supervisors should verify with the colleges/universities or professional schools to make sure of the authenticity of school degrees claimed. People who submit forged school degrees are not only fooling potential employers, they're fooling themselves. Graduations, esp. from colleges or universities are a huge accomplishments that families are proud of and usually tell others about members of families who graduated with what degree at what institution. I've heard that there are others with government positions who did not graduate from any colleges or universities. If that's true, they should resign before they're found out. That's to avoid embarrassing themselves and their friends and family. What say you?


I wonder what could happen to those elementary school teachers that don’t have their degrees yet. I guess they are exempt.



Why don't they start from OEK, and scrutinize their credentials. Why not start from Senate president to every senators, then speaker of the house, to every delegates. Then the ministers, the directors, the chief, then the workers.

I'm sure we'll come up with something. Sometimes when one is higly educated, he will take advantage of the loopholes, compared to one who cannot see loopholes simply because he does not have the knowledge to even see them...so he continues working in accordance with the good book...


I wish we could start from the senate and scrutinize down the line but unfortunately they are protected under Article IX section 6 of our constitution-correct me if I’m wrong.

It is becoming a real joke - “Banana Republic” when the requirement for the office of president and the congressmen doesn’t even mention your level of education, yet we turn around and make it as a requirement for the regular government employees. Is that something? Don’t get me wrong! I think it is a right thing to do (ask for a degree) but let’s do it across the board, top to bottom if you will.


Tiakid a chimo ra uetech. Eak kmal loba a kot el ngar bab el sus mo omengull ma delodau el klengareou el reng e kulturk e di kdu aikal kesai el tekingek el mo ra rechetengakl el Rubekul Belau ma ikal bekl rengedel a beluu el mlo kldibel ra bai el mesaod ra tekoi ra casino.

Ak kmal mo melasem el mesemechokl aikal tekingek el mo beldebades ele kemiu ea olab a medal a beluu me kom kuoll el mor sel bkul rebab ra orengodel.

Ak kmal di tal soak el tekoi el ulekum meng mlo sebechemiu el lokerei er ngii er tirkal kuk bdelul a beluu er chelechal dengebard a kmo:"Ka mouchais el kmo ngera el lemeltel a tekoi ma ta besul luldasu a omoba el lolengasech aikal lududiu." Ak di omelekl er ngii eleng meral diak bolungil a cheliuek sel kulebedebek er ngii ra chelsel a bdeluk ma renguk, el sel kumelechesiu er ngak eak locha mla tmooch aikel kelel a Tucheliaur ra longelchalb ra ngeiul a beluu ra Kiueluul. Eang meral di mlo meius a chemars el mlai e kolii a cheualech el loisechel a kmal ngara betotel a rengul ma uldesuel.

Mousubes er ngak el Belas a momdasu el kmo a kulseked ra dingemiu e mdu el kmo ak kultuub ak melidiich, ng bai diak le uaisei, ak bai melasem el loliisech ra dimla deremel a lidiu el uoi meketeket ra lak letaut ra kmo ng techang me te mla mo olechib a osengir er kemiu.

Ak lmuut el kmo mousubes ea lak monger ealechub e molekoi el mei, e ngak a kmal di ungi besul, le sei a tochel a omengull er ngak el lekong e diak le mekimd ra di beot.

Dolemolem el meius!!!


I cannot agree with you more on the issue. But see how the whole thing was cafully planned? I mean, laws have been mandated to give us the workers, certain requirements to hold better jobs while they enjoy a complete liberty of d grasping opportunities and doing what they want up there. When election time draws near, they become especially and pretentiously attentive to people's needs which unfortunately most of us fall victims to.

And when someone lands a job in the government, they would have their people scutinize and have them out of the job in no time. What about the person's family? Did Mr. Uyehara ever thought about that? Why didn't he have him demoted instead? PPUC in not all about office work as there are linemen, mechanics, clerks, etc,etc....

I believe there is a big plan being concocted somehwere to elliminate all that seems to not follow who's rule and who's policy, but rather an obstruction in the middle of their path. Remember, most cases are cracked by the inexperienced one's because they are vulnerable to information and can easily be blended in a crowd. The experts are the one's that we run away from because they are good judge of characters and are especially good in implying issues and going against others mercilessly.

This goes same with workers. The higher the degree, the longer one wants to sit behind the desk. Only few possess the ability to be blended with crowd, because they can see people eye to eye level, while maintaining their position, and these few are called: LEADERS.

So yes, it's always good to ask for degrees, but in the case where someone have already got the job, it's also good to have an alternative plan so we do not appear to be gambling with lives.



A omeluu ma omengull a kaibebitekill lomeruul. Ma dongull el mong edi lebital rael, ekeleng di rolir kung ekid a becheaches. A bai klou el lomengull a rubekul a belau eleng diak lemesmesim e kltuker a melekingir, ea uldasu ma moktek a beleketakl.

Meng kekeringa rengul a beluu, le chetengakl ma klebkall, ma deliukes a di lengoiong e kid a mengerem, e diouchelaod a tekinged ma uldesued meng dirrekluchul eng meringel ku a doldars aikal kmal mekedebengal chimad el mong.

A cherrengelel tial cheldebechel er okedyulabeluu, a sebeched lultuir er ngii, eng meketmokl a ongit mele morenges a lengelel a buai, leng buai a milsosii a rengul menguchul eng mlo sebechir el ngarisei e mengerngekl el bedul kid er iou. Mekede melemolem engdi a klou longit a mora rebekl sechelid el kmo, a kerrengetel a beluad a ngercheled el rokui. E diak a chad el mo loiia uldesuel el cheleuid lesei a klebekelel aikal klekekerous er kid luchul a ungil bebelel a tekoi.

Meke mesaul mekemiu el rokui el chad er tial blai...


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