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August 05, 2009


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Delegate Basilius, why only 3 months and $1,000 fine. Most of these people who break these laws can afford more than $1,000 fine. They pay out of their pocket and will do it again. Give them a year behind bars and $5,000 fine.

This is a great idea as we all know what took place in your states. Is there anything going on with the alleged crimes committed? If nothing is going to happen, then why we should waste the taxpayers money to propose more unuseful laws? Speaking about spending the taxpayers hard earned money, let's mean what we say instead of just "melib lomiou"

Finally a bill that is worth making, yea and you think every time a post something its negative. NO. I know some of these congressmen got good hearts.

However, I agree with this bill to a certain extend, pretty much the context of the bill. The problem is the punishment is not enough and to be fair, I live in the state so I cant really make judgment of the punishment but the degree of the punishment should be based on the circumstances. I do not agree that a $1000 and 3 months doing time is the appropriate punishment for this crime and not only that, it is very disrespectful for those people who lives in those state.

Quote WHO MAKES, WHO RECEIVES FROM NATIOAN TREASURY there is no such thing as who make who receives. Congress approves funds for project, aids, national emergencies stuff like that not for whom a single person. When who receives funds from national treasury that is called steeling and thats a federal crime. A thousand $ including 3 months is a petty theft really. When you come to this blog whats the first thing you see right now? Another public official getting axed from AG and now you have notary public officer getting removed by the P. AG vs minister Ngiraingas and Ombudsman facing charges. I am not saying that these people specifically that I’ve just said their names are guilty I am just trying to make a point. C’mon people this is a parallel of officials committing crimes. Punishment should not be $1000 and 3 months time and or removed from office. It should be more, harsh and embarrassing. Make it as an example for everyone. More time, more fine, remove from office mandatory and confiscate his belongings prior to when his first day of office. This is not inhumane, its called punishment and he or she knew what she or he was putting their selves in.

I really like this bill but delegate Basilius is introducing it with reservation. Think of it this way when you make these good laws, its not for the criminals, its to protect the good citizens of Palau. You should not have reservation when you make laws against these cowards and a thief. I like this bill, the punishment is weak but its something and we all should be proud At least we know that some of our congressmen are there looking out for us with a single tongue, not forked.

ungil chum

Why don’t they print T-shirts or signs with “SNEAKER” or “I TOOK SOMETHING ILLIGALLY” and have them wear the T-shirts, or hold the signs-stand by the sidewalks in front of Palau High School so that our young generation and the general public will see to it the negative consequence of stealing.

I say 3 months of holding such signs or T-shirt and then $5000 fine or 5 years in prison or both. But the 3 months of holding sign is a must. No if and or buts.

Since were on this issue, could anyone let us know what’s up with governor Kodep of Melkeok State? It amazed me if he’s still free. Look at former governor of Ngiwal State, and Ngardmau State. They are in jail now for similar offense, I suspect but what is going with Governor Kodep. Can we have fair justice served?


It is a good bill but $1000 and three months is not harsh enough. These are people's money.. They are stealing from taxpayers. I'll say one year in jail and pay back the money and all the court's fee.

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