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September 15, 2009


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Iang hai e rungalek e Santy....me bol uaisei a tekoi. Adang mekerang? Ngkmal kora melaok aikal cheldechedecham. Mada ma uriul. Ak mo omadel a chudel ra meklechek. Ma uriul.

I cant really scope these repels response from our leader to a level of my understanding or maybe I am just not as intellect as a lot of you guys. I understand as a human sometimes you let your emotions take over your sense of judgment and your actions proceeds you but it is very inexcusable to castigate institutions or a citizen in a place that define and symbolize freedom and democracy. Let a lone a place that was influenced from a country that fought for their freedom and democracy. Actions like that narrate a whole lot about a person as moronic. I do wish those two citizens and their families didn’t experienced unexpected and difficulties in their everyday life.

Although we got a taste of democracy in the early 50’s still we are premature to the system and I don’t mean that in untoward way. Sometimes I think that these people that not necessary doing us wrong but not exercising the equality of rights and the basic rule or foundation of democracy is because of the fact that we re so new to this. We opted our independence and we adopted our democracy and in a way to me at least we re beggarly in term of politics and I am saying this with upmost respect to our congressmen. I respect these people because they didn’t just got there because they wanted to, they did their deeds and accomplished and achieved something in order to get there and I respect them in that regards. It’s the un full filled promises and behaviors that troubles me.

My friends, we have to know our right and the physical context of our freedom and our right and freedom doesn’t stop or end at the front door of OEK. You cant hinder anything in the congress if you don’t know where you stand in a democratic government. You cant be feared from the people you elected to the congress. Your term as a powerful citizen in a democratic government is endless and his or her term as a congressman is limited and you can end that by just not vote for the person. Public shame and criticisms from these particular leaders doesn’t make you any less Palauan or less of a man but it will gets you uppermost respect from your community and your fellow palauans. People respect people that stand for what they believe and voice their concern and be a leader.

I like the title of your article Santy. The meaning is an immense and people should read your article. I don’t really know much about you to say that I respect you tremendously but I do because you don’t just stand on the side line and wait for another election. Your advocating for a better government and better livelihood for our people and that’s what every body needs to do. If we say, lets wait and if our leader doesn’t do what they said they would do for another three years then you have just sentence our citizen three years of wretchedness

ungil chum

Sen. Asanuma,

I respect you tremendously, because you have showed how much you care for our Belau ma rechad er Belau. I admire you honesty and the way you take criticism either big, small, true, not true, etc. You are my #1 Senator, because the last time i checked, you're STILL DOING your job as a senator since your first day in OEK.



Alii Santy:

You really did put some thought into your response to Delulchum. Well done!!

I sincerely want to thank you very much for pointing out this despicable act by some of these people we elected as our lawmakers. Perhaps shedding light on this incident into public view will be a good time for our OEK to formulate and instill code of conducts (and ethics) amongst themselves and especially toward the general public, not only within our congress hall but also in public.

As a democratic nation; and having been educated by American school systems, our senators and delegates should realize that power through intimidation and ridicule is the thing of the past. It may be a cultural trait as typical Palauan male which in this day and age, no longer applies. Through our education, we have come to understand that power in anything lies in your knowledge of the truth, what is just, and love for all people with unswerving belief in all human rights.

The public shame and fear of being ridiculed, I believe, should be what our OEK membership should be deserving of, if they have no respect for the general public. After all, we are the ones who put them in those positions. And don’t forget also, that we have the power to take them out.

Beware now my good friend. Watch yourself and stay being an advocate for justice to the People. You’re in good position to do so. May the good Lord bless you!

ak di Kyei

I want to be clear that I meant "unwavering" and NOT "unswerving". Now I stand corrected.


Ke kmal mesaul e Santy e lomekerreu ra rechad ra beluu. Ng kmal merang, a beluu a dirk medakt el leko toltobed a uldesuir le uai kakid e lomeruul el dirk remurt ra delongelir tirkal chad el dullilt er tir. Te di ngmai a deruchall e obesong el kmo kid a uchul me te ngarsei.

A kulengit me dolemolem el metekengii tial berius lokiu a osisecheklel a lemeltel a chad ra beluu el ngar tial Democratic government el denga ra elsel.

Kau me tirkal chad el mla medidiich ra mederir tirkal mengetekled a mla tmengii a esimer. A kmal mereng a suliu e obengkemiu el mo soiseb er tial esimer. Ak dirrek lolengit ra rechad ra beluu me lak lemedakt e beltuu loba tial lemeltir as a voter, and as citizen living in a Democratic Government with a fredom to express themselves.

Ke kmal Mesulang,

Well put Santy. Perhaps OEK senators and delegates need to review what Democracy means. Just by reading the summary of this topic , I'm led to believe that some members are using the feudal, top down, military style command of communication that will only hinder Palau progress to full democracy. In effect, people who we trust to help the country move forward will go backwards or fall flat.

Ke Mesulang Santy.


Ngmeral tekoi ea Etengakl el Del. Cio Isechal a kirel mengull era rechad era Kayangel elmle sengkyo loba klaumerang ertir elmora Hon. Del. Noah Kemesong.

Oi ngmeral ketengel elmora HOD meng kire Del. Cio lolngeseu erar beches el mlo edal a HOD. Ea kot e desel senior e Chairman era HOD Ways & Means Committee eng kired elmo ungil lomerk era Iyosang el mora errengel Belau rokui. Mar chedal a Commitee a mo ungil a rrengir emo oba blakerreng lol ngeseu era Chiarman ertir el mesebechal era Iyosang el mora bellual.

a Hon. Del. Cio akmal diwa obekur era Felon Hon. Delegate Antonio TONY Bells el direk el bleloisur modal el Chairman era W&MC era HOD er 4th OEK. They think they are the smartest people in Palau. Cio for his work experience er First Hawaiian Bank, PNCC and NDBP. You must lower or humble yourself.

Akoi koi ngdiak a chised.

I was lead here by my husband who is on track with the current events in Palau and he's not even a Palauan. I prefer to steer clear but that's a whole 'nother issue.

You are right. You cannot go against the members of the OEK or anyone in "higher" standing or one that is older than you. One of the problems that Palau faces that irritates me to the core is that local customs (mechesang) remain cemented but with the inclusion of western ideas, currency and government.

Just a few facts as I see it and the basis:

1. No one can ever talk back or express their opposing views to the majority.
Why: We are taught from an early age never to talk back. Simple as that. You do not oppose your elders or anyone higher ranking than you. This is where culture and western ideas clash. Palau still lives in a caste system and then you have this democratic government. In this mess, unless you are Reklai or Ibedul or some other high ranker, if your ideas go against the grain, you're pretty much screwed.

2. There is no democracy in Palau (in my humble opinion) . Just a veiled attempt at one.
Why: See answer to #1. I mean really, how do you claim a democracy when the people have no say in anything? It's not fear over any single person, it's fear that the entire community will brand you the "barking dog". It's fear that the entire family of the "barking dog" will be targeted. If that family is low ranking in the totem poll... I feel for you.

3. The population is dwindling, by choice. Therefore, those few left behind will have the last say in what is to be done, good or bad and no one can stop it unless something drastic is done.

Why: The baby boomers did their part but their children aren't producing and their children's children don't want to produce. You can barely live on minimum wage in Palau. Most of the current generation isn't too interested in staying behind. Many have joined the military or have gone abroad. From the looks of it, they're staying abroad. There's always opportunities to grow and find food and the last time I saw, you all have cable, phones, cell phones, cars, homes, electricity, a domestic helper, a bangladesh, clothes; the works. I wasn't top ace in Math but after calculating (the averages) all that I come up with a negative balance for someone on min. wage.
Everyone wants to return and "give back to the community" but that ain't gonna happen. They will stay where ever they seed themselves with a better paying job, earn a living and send money back home to help those left behind to deal with the mounds of custom (mechesang).

I'm not speaking for myself but for many other Palauan citizens when I say that the Palauan custom is a burden to so many. The first thought as a parent is to provide for your children but the first thought as a Palauan is how to provide for the entire family and is now becoming "How do I provide for my children when I must give to the custom?"

Are you anything when you don't give?

No, you are not and that is a very sad thing. It's sad when the members of your own community don't give a crap about your financial state and would rather you taste poverty than change their ideas.

I may be acting a "barking dog" right now - ar chad a sorir el chemis er a belumiu. I hope I made sense and actually got my point across there. I'm sure that if they could escape, they would but no matter how far you run, they're still a phone call away from demanding their part in the mechesang.

After all, you can't talk back and unfortunately no one likes a barking dog.

Meeks......hhhmmmm......sounds familiar.....thinking.....thinking....still thinking....oh, it's Nancy and she still WANTS HER SHARE OF THE MONEY,and her lawyer/lawyers are the stupidiest i ever heard of. Let Mr. Meeks rest in peace NANCY FOOL.


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