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September 14, 2009


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Rumor has it that HOD will meet today for reorganization. A source told me that the Chairman of Ways & Means is mostly likely the target of the reorganization. A reason a uase aleko di melekoi a tekoi ra blekeu e omecheracheb ra Delegates.


I am lost on the rumor especially the REORGANIZATION part, but I know the Delegate your talking about. Please share the whole thing and don't let me wonder to long, because it ITCHES like......




Democracy have diluted our young minds that they learned to believe that FREEDOM OF SPEECH is you can say anything you want even to hurt, defame, the other person.

Young Palauans also, learned from our OEK members the way they said and act in the public and in thier tv programs. Honorable Delegate CIO from Peleliu said harsh meliues "your mother" "&&%%$" era Hon. Del. Noah from Kayangel State. The worst part is that he failed to increase States Block Grants but reduced 10% and failed to increased HOD budget since they borrowed Senate budget to meet their expenses incuured before September 30th.

I wondering if he is taking drugs or medecine. For youe info, all the previous Peleliu Delegates and Legislators were all respectables and honorables. Low-profile with soft voices with mindful or meaningful or thoughtful or dplomatic even late His Excellency President Haruo I. Remeliik including Yoichi Singeo, Joe Kingtol, Gerdence Meyar and late Hon. Del. Humio Kebekol.

I am from Peleliu we are blssed people with full of love, respect, peace, harmony with the people of Palau. Peleliu is bountiful islands or natural resources.

I hope he learn his leasson in hard ways. We the People of Peleliu will learn from stupid mistake from him. We vote wiser next time or sooner to replace him.

Sorry, Hon. Delegate CIO but your still my Honorable Delegate. Rejuvenate and do better and start fresh cause I know you can do better for your people not for yourself only.

Respectfully Yours,


One of the terms we find in politics is leadership. If Cio lacks the skills, then what is his place sitting along with rest of the delegates, and calling himself a leader. Kayangel may have smaller voter count, but the trust of the people who placed Del. Kemesong to represent their interest is just as great and valuable as the rest of the states of Palau.

Cio wears his sunglasses during sessions, and one could superficially assume that he may be hiding his blood shot eyes, or crazy eye balls due to being under the influence of something. As a result, he uses derogatory language in a public building, and yet, the most his peers could do is remove him from a chairmanship? I'd say, replace him with someone who knows and instills respect in his leadership. Someone that the people could count on for their trust. And finally someone that does not openly ridicule himself and his state for his radical and hostile manuevery.

Now before he acts again!



I like how you think and good point on leadership. People who "act" to be leaders without properly acquiring it or at least have the passion to be one, should not hold positions like he does. Get him out of there before he does more damage which unfortunately the people will pay for his mistakes. He needs a timeout!Put someone who is respected and trusted by the people. Abuse of power such that Cio displays publicly, does not contribute to anything good for him or the people, or the country of Palau. How can we improve our country when we can not improve within ourselves as human beings. Whatever his frustrations and stress , it sounds like he needs a time-out and rethink what he stands for a person. What he can contribute before he rolls himself in more mud.
Replace him with one that people respects and trusts so that others can learn from this situation, thats how we learn and grow.

Where are my favorite bloggers? Mosi, Mardi, Ota, HS, Tkul A Tiull, and etc. komla melukl el mor e diak mouchais. Ngkora chebuul tial blai el di kesai a watt ra tamelengel a dengki er ngii.

I can't believe you all just disappear at the same time. Mosi you commented on topic first before everyone, and now it's Jamie and i bet the next one will be NANCY.



OMG, GIVE ME A BREAK! REPLACE SOMEONE OUT OF OFFICE BECAUSE OF SWEARING AT SOMEONE?!?! Are you guys 12 years old? This is a silly and embarrassing proposal.

Maybe in the next election, make sure a mute pastor with missing middle fingers gets into the political seat, or put a porcelain Jesus Christ in the seat because that is about as useful as the former.

Go ahead and remove the guy you smart people voted for in the first place, and in the same page, remove your president because he is doing much worse than everyone's extremely high and unrealistic expectations.


where are you from? india? if you are from Belau, isn't "HE" your president too? you wish Chin won or what is your terberechel el di mekerokl el abareter. get over with it and support our President and our Belau. Ada kemerur el chad ra Belau? omilkingem tells that you didn't vote for JT, but when he won you got depressed and now your depression is a devere depression disorder. Move on!


Wow you are completely off the points that I was talking about... Maybe if you should have not been a Cyclops for the day and read with both eyes. Maybe you could have noticed that the YOUR could have been OUR but with a spell error? Just like your DEVERE could be a SEVERE?

Look (yes, look with both eyes Cyclops...) they want someone out of the political seat because of swearing at someone. I am talking about that. And those are the same type of guys that wants to remove the president because their expectations for him were too high and highly unrealistic. And thus are, disappointed and want him out...

But fine, talk about something completely unrelated and has nothing to do with anything that I said. I will clap for you.

Hi All,

If a US Senator can call the President of the United States a liar on the floor of of the US Congress why is it such a big deal if one of our lowly Delegates cuss out another?..:)

Delegate Isechal is only human too. As musch as anyone he is allowed to lose his cool every now and then....even on the floor of the OEK..Just like said frustrated Senator Wilson above..No?.. ;)

Our leadership all is slowly but surely going down the drain..and its our fault not theirs.
We the public who voted them in forgot our responsibility as a civic minded community should and make sure they, (the Leadership) stay on course and do what we want..Remember "By the people for the people"?
We elect them, put them on pedestals and forgot to point them the direction we want them to stand. So here we are listening to each other gripe about their misdeeds, misteps and misfortunes after the fact. Suffering the consequences and I bet you all one el "tet el buuch" that we'll vote the same people into office again.

There are no longer statesmen in our leadership and if there are any, they're a few. Now it's seems its everyone for themseleves. We must look out for ourselves too. So what should be done then? If your a citizen of Palau and are here on island I suggest you rise up and demand that they (these Delegates and senators)
begin to do what it is the citizenry wants and needs or feel their wrath. The same goes to you all outside of Palau. Write, email, call or if your of the new tech generation, blog, tweet, or as Conan Call's it My Face your voices so that the leadership in OEK can hear you.

Do not be afraid it is your RIGHT to do so.
Lak komedakt..Ng lemeltiu el chad er a beluu er a Belau. E tir a ngerchelir el lorenges e meruul a somiu.

Be brave its our future at stake..

Kabong kung ma next.


Free speech comes with great responsibilities. Especially for our leaders. What is that say about somebody's character when he doesn't have anything to say but profanity. Our kids see these kinds of behavior and thing its ok. What he did was wrong but it is not enough to get rid of him or reorganize but at least make him apologize for his wrong doing.


I like your line. Father Felix said a prayer that is worth using. " Lord, Forgive us for it is our fault to have voted for them".

Someone mentioned something about us not being able to really express our minds, as that is how we were raised and taught to believe. If a palauan comes out to the open and speak his mind, he seen as disrespectful and radical. If a foreigner comes and tear into us, we crawl right back into our shell and not saying anything back. When a palauan expresses his mind, he tends to incoporate a slurge of profanity just so he could be heard, and so on and so forth. Let's take a look at Diaz. That guy is one heck of a smart fellow. When you talk to him in person, he is always careful for his words, as he knows how narrow minded folk deals with their shorcomings. Only in the radio station, he blabbers like there's no tomorrow. When someone finally calls in and tries to correct him, he would slap him with phrases so thick they have to be drilled into the ears, or simply just hang up on them.

So Cio's ways may and could be justifiable but, sometimes, at the place like OEK, it is a bit overwhelming. Most of them if not all, deserves a cuss right into their faces, because they are aparently there for their own gain and purposes.

What is best at the moment is either start a petition against the whole OEk, or wait until 2012. I want to believe that all of us want to make a drastic change in the way we ourselves discipline us, even if we need to change the way our 2000 years old disciplinary rule have inflicted our behaviours, and the way we are going up against the changing world. Once we get that out of the way, then every words known and can be used in the new era leadership in politics could be defined and fall into their places.

So I for one is not supporting what Cio did as I think of it as childish and unrpofessional, but giving the rest of us a well assured state of mind, I would say, He needs to be replaced as he too is just as bad as the rest of us...but when he is replaced, who would then be his replacement? That is the what I'm saying. Somehow, I have a feeling that it is not the person. It is the name Olbiil Ra Kelulau (OEK) that make monsters out of good people.

I'd better go before I starts sounding like Diaz...


Somehow I feel news information, political and otherwise, is being manipulated. As the only nation to embrace Uighur prisoners and the only one to set quota on incoming foreigners for that matter, why did JT not mention anything about it in his UN speech/visit to set the record straight, whatever that is!?! Something like Uighurs swimming in the shark infested waters, eh!

As for Cio, can someone tell us what is/was his position with respect to JT and his ministers' monster salary increase? And if he opposed it, is JT behind HOD's W&M reorganization to unseat Cio. Is JT utilizing his presidential power/influence to initiate selective prosecution and demotion on anyone who speaks up against his political agenda?

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