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September 10, 2009


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I’ve always disagree with most of our president’s decisions. However, this is one of the rare exceptions. I do believe, also, in a possible security risks that our nation faces by importing unlimited number of foreigners to our mother land This idea has positive impacts to Palau.

If the process of importation includes screening to prevent criminals from coming to our country then that is even better. And we pass the cost of this process to those countries that are sending their citizens here. Excuse my ignorance if there is such process in place. Another positive impact is the fact that now, unless you are rich or can afford it, us Palauans are forced to do our own works, which leads to physical activities, good health, longer life.

Ak di…

We have to note that at current, the proposed law to train palauans to become skilled workers have not been passed. Our infrastructure was built by foreign workers because we all know that most of us do not prefer the dirty work.

Yes, Palau's security is at stake but it is due to our inability to track down or back tracking a foreigners background to see whether or not he/she has the full elligibility to work in Palau. Of the 6000 workers, only 3000 are paying taxes, but who responsibility is that? Why can't our government starts thinking about beefing up the capabilities of our immigration, labor, tax office, police, customs, and quarantine to insure that, as the first line of defense, everything and everyone could stop at the border before they come in. There were instances where individuals are suspicious based on his reasons to visit, but because it is costly to run a background check, we allow them in on visa. That starts it all!

Also, in the application, they filled in that they are fluent in english language, but no labor or immigration is there to ensure that everything in that application needed verification. One does not have to be higly educated to know that a chinese, bangladeshi, filipino, or any foreign worker speaks the english language, and that beocmes their leeway.

If we continue to accept them by a bunch like now, but are unable to run checks on them, or simply not doing pre check at points of entries, then no matter how good our law sound, will always be same. And the next thing we know, they have multiplied by numbers.

CNMI's labor act was monopolized by a few officials and business tycoons, that now their labor, immigration and law enforcement agencies are suffering. Since this president have come up with probably the first and the only sound idea, it is best for him to also put claws and sharper teeth so that not only these foreigners, but our international neighbors would know that Palau is keen on its security by way of scrutinizing their labor applicants to only accept those who are skilled by trade, education and training. And still, background checks continues to ensure that we have not accepted known criminals, ill intended persons, or terrorists.

No matter what we do, our country's defense is a responsibility of US. And this covers mainly our ports of entries. If US sees that our borders are not safe as a jumping ground to US soils, then even we palauans will be labelled as potential criminals or terrorists as our laws are vulnerable.

I think this intent is good and our president needs to really put down all these.


Still, the president needs to be specific. It is a good thing but to what extend? Theres a diff. between not allowing people with specific skills that we might need to prosper and people like regular Joe. I agree with it with the fact that we are getting people to come and work as a waitress which is stupid in the first place because we have people that can do that, but what if a person is a doctor or an engineer?

US in the mid 80s and 90s were prospering rapidly because of brain draining from other countries. We need this method because we need to flourish and thriven. This whole quota for the foreign worker goes against the basic rule of developing the economic because more people works is more people paying taxes. Minister Fritz state 3,000 out of 6,000 are paying taxes so what are the other 3,000 doing? Their the wives of the 3,000 working and pay taxes. I don’t think so. That’s the issue here. I think the fix here is somebody needs to start enforcing the law here because if somebody’s working and not paying taxes then somebody needs to take care of that. These are the things we need to tackle, not implementing new laws. We don’t need to reform anything here no more. I know the President is smart and if anybody can do this, its him, I just don’t think that this was one of his priorities.

Security, not so convinced because most people that employers are getting from other countries are third level workers. Maybe a little but not enough to weight on and don’t forget, we have US defense. Thx for stating that Cheuas

ungil chum

Hi all..

Well said all..and I agree it is a wise and a timely idea for the President to propose a quota on foreigners entering Palau.
It's about time too..Here a lot of people got their "Usakers" and "Cheritir" all bunched up because of some 17 Chinese Uighers while there are 6,000 foreigners already in Palau..Its time to address those in country el already tetmut a tul a Chedil Belau dry as opposed to those that may or may not come.

I think e Ungil chum the "security" the President was alluding to was that of our island being overrun with foreigners..as that of CNMI with more foreigners then the local yokels.. :)

It's both an economic and identity security that the President is talking about..as I see it.
With out such a quota as proposed by the President the Palauan populace can be replaced in 2 to 3 decades time. We will be outbred into oblivion that 40 years from now if there is no such laws there will certainly be no pure blooded Palauans left on the island..as I see it again.
I do however agree that along with this Quota being proposed the President and or the Congress follow through and add to it the importance of those in charge of implementing and protecting our immigration laws, tax laws etc to be diligent in their work. I know we recently had a setback with some corruption charges being directed at some of our immigration officials,,but I do trust that there are still honest and hard working Palauan's on island.

To limit the number of foreigners we let in is a start and I am sure the President and his administration will surely look at the numbers and other ideas regarding the quality of those seeking to enter Palau.
If he doesnt we can voice our opines to the OEK to make sure that our wishes for quality workers, the numbers limited and other immigration laws are added.


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