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September 01, 2009


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Did anyone listen to the press release this morning? I think either the president was not prepared or he was struggling for his answers. Like always, he would say something anyone would like to hear, but never the truth.

Why is there an outcry regarding financial instability and economic downfall? Because none of what he promised is coming true. So now he is trying hard to impress the public with his FIB Law? I think the economic stimulus, government salary and medical insurance are going to happen when the lection draws near. Alii, 100 days was came out of your lips, not 1000 days....

Tia sel kdillii ra uchelel, ngikang a diak bol ngodech. A blekeklel ma rokui, a diosisiu. Ng chebellang e siua ku medal, ra tekingel mora rebeluu el diak a tarngii el mla tmaut.....

Ngdiak a soal kmu sesei? Molekoi el rokui, eng mereko lak momart er kemiu, ea mekemad a toutang...



where's everyone? it's getting dark in here.


Some people say its to soon but then again how soon is to soon. I know being a president is hard with mountain decisions, welfare for the people and the country, he cant just snap a finger and things happen but 100 days is a very long time and at least, just at least one policy that can turn somebody’s life around for the better. I don’t wanna shadow our government from the US but theres a reason why Obama, the most popular president in America is at his low according to polls rating because of his promises that he made a lot and his not living up to them.

As a President I think, one thing you will or should be carrying in your mind for the rest of your term is that, you gave people a declaration of your theme, your influence, your philosophy and your goals. People rearranged their lives to go to the poll to vote for you with a sense of reliance, trust and a lot of hope for a change. These people had voted many times and each time a bit of their dignity is taken away but they kept going because they know one day the tide will turn.

A long time ago when I was just a little kid from the state of Ngeremlengui, a particular candidate for the presidency was campaigning and gave an impeccable speech that even Socrates will admire and this is a true story. A woman if I recall correctly she was over 90 year old, she spoke fluent Japanese and she has seen them all. Germany’s influence to Japanese occupation and from her face, you can see that thing, that epitome of humbleness and the inferior of human nature and everybody knows and respect. Shes never voted before but this one election, she went all for it. She was so taken from the speech and his charisma and his good looks, that she decided to actually go to the voting poll and vote but the problem was she cant walk. Finally she asked some kid off the street and asks him if he can take her to vote. She and he knows that he cant carry her all the way to the voting poll but they compromised. Guess how he took her? In a wheelbarrow

See Mr. President, the determination and the will from this woman; God Bless Her Soul, was an impact of those promises, particular policies and the goals that this candidate made and these people that elected you probably share the same motivation. People’s believes and confidence are starting to blear and your policies and promises are getting hazy by the day.

Surprise everybody Mr. President. Don’t let your term to be another one on the total poll of did OK. Be proactive Mr. President.

It is sad to realize that, this President now appears to not know how to run his country. Instead of Macromanaging Palau, he is micromanaging senseless situations that had already have people managing or directing. During his wednesday press, he sounded desperate, tired, confused and defensive.

I think Palau will remain stagnant for the next 3 and 1/2 years until we elect a true and competent person to run it. There's an old saying that goes. " Bom sebechii a kelel Ngersuul". Or, "Alii ke remos ra blelekl".

I wonder where everyone went. This issue is hot, and we need not hide anymore. To hell with our ID's. I have been coming here as Cheuas and no one knows who I is...c'mon folks, let's make this talkable...


A kumerous ra tal tutau el k'bekiis ra dusellek el soiseb ra beches el Belau el meiusech a beluu el me lengelakl a rengeasek ma re delebekul a beluu el mesaod a diak el tekoi ra kmo, ng meral lobereda ochik el lomibais el mesiou ra klengar el diak el sebechel mesiou el mo tabesul, e bai mesaod a omengaisichai ra kmo a ngelekel a tuobed ra skuul e mo ra daingak el kot ra delengcheklel, mata ra klebesei e lokelii tial beluu e blid.

Ak chelimkomk ra beruk el rikard ra klsib el chetik el me duum e di outekangel ele tial beluak er Belau me tirkel rokui el leko te ngoikak el choridak er tial chelebuul adi mla mo ua uloech e ngak a mengard ra ngau. Ak di mo suebech el loba blulak el kmo ng di ungil a rokui, engdi sel tutungang me lobereod a bdeluk ra kesus ra kungchechitakl e kululoik el mora bedul, e ngak a mocha olsiseb a di osisiu el bilek el dirkak a mengodech ra ues el dirk olturekereng el di mengiil ra lmuut el tara kesus el uai sei el mlo merek.

A delal a kar meng diak el losiulii ele tia rakt ra rengebard......Malechub e tia kelel dil rektel a renguk ma udesuek el diak el sebechek el ngodechii ak mekerur el mo uai ngii rak ngalek el di uai tirkal ngalek er chelechang el di mekiis e omilil a ngara udesuir, e diak a tekoi ra ongesecheklel a ududir, ng ringelel a uldasu ra chelsengul a kmo ng techang a mechukab ra uldesuir.....E tochecherchur el ngii ma le dil le beot a tekoi el uaisei el di omilil ma dingesel a delir ma uldasue el kmo a klukuk ea ki lmuut el mo kaiteuetech aki kaididerurt ra mekesong ak mad el tmuil el kirel me lorechedii.

Cheuas ma Delulchum (ra BkulelNgriil)........ak kora melebesesiaol ngkung el locha soiseba a cheduk elek kumdesua el kmo te diak a orrenges...NG DIAK A ORRENGES!!!!!!! Ea rokui el chad a di chemau a delengcheklir ma kirir e dikea sel reng ra "Ureor l' Beluu", el reDelad a uoi kmal mle kerekikl ra beluu.

Ng mekngit el dolekoi engdi ngar ngii a ududek el sobecheklii a delengcheklek el te di mo medinges el rengud ak cheleoch ra blai ra ilteet.....ak meral loureng ulekum meng lmuut el luldirekorek mak merous er kemiu a rechad ra beluu ele kom uoi mesaul ra diak el ngerang, komesaul el cheuarem el di uai ngak e di melemolem leng diak a bo de turk er ngii le tia di lmuut el me medibuk ra koted el rokui ra beluad el rokui e diak el bor ker.

Ak chuskak e oureng a mle kingellek el ulekum mak lmuut el meked er ngii me lak di kuureng e di kulengibes ra ngaramong el mle medidai.....E mle mui ra klekaukereng ma kltalreng el ngii a kirel uaisei.

Sus ma klumech ma BELTIKELRENG!!! Ea ngaruchei er ngii el rokui a kmo: BELAU ER KID!!!!!


ID’s really. Is that the reason why there’s no one up in here no more. People, we live in a democracy government, we are the supreme power. President and all the people that you elected are our agent. The power is invested in us and we exercise them by our agents. Write that down. Think of it this way, Presidents PR or advisor or a lawyer will read from us as a critique and maybe, just maybe will advise the president, say look Mr. President, apparently majority of people think this is not the way to make beldakl chum. Maybe he’ll change his strategy but if you don’t voice your concern you are either ok with the current system or you just don’t care and I doubt that.

I am not promoting this blog but if we stop, it means we lost and they won again. They’re going to think that we re a push over, short thinker and we re just a bunch of yehaa citizen. We re much more then that people. Scream and yell for the righteous.

ungil chum

Alii friends! I'm very dissatisfied with our present administration, too. A philosopher once said, "For Evil to triumph, all that is necessary is for Good Men to do nothing"?... something like that. So, come on, let's gather up our opposition, the Voice of the People. Bo lobdois el tang a 'uldesued el ngii a lemelted emo klisichel a Beluu.

I know a lot of people are gone be pished of me for saying this but If I was the President, I will stop all these nonsense and get behind the casino bill. This is a do or die moment my people, we either make history or be a history because we cant keep waiting for genie of the lamp to save us. If anybody can come up with a diff. alternative instead of cutting cost from the government and the casino then do because I think the president needs help or ideas. If you down size and consolidate respectively all the branches, you will save money. Twenty thousand plus people you don’t need a mirrored US government system. Our tuna, tourist and our undeveloped agriculture is not enough to cover our government expenditure so whats the next step? Remember people we don’t have much but theres a potential proposition that could bring a lot of funds for our good living. We all know that there are casinos all over the world and we’ve seen a lot of negative that goes beyond our conservative minds and ideas. Having casino doesn’t mean we are getting an exact copy of Las Vegas to our beautiful island. We are prepared because we’ve seen the bad side of it and so we will build and any obstacles that occurs we’ll know how to deal with it. We are running out of options and people are hungry and cant afford their electric bill and as a result they are leaving home.

The appositions tend to tell the negative side of the casinos bill which is good because we need to know this stuff but one thing that everybody fail to address is how half of the country put food on the table and pay all the bills and still have surplus to play with. This is not good living people. Life is not fair but it doesn’t have to be like this. I know we re all warriors but we don’t have to fight everyday for our well being. We have a choice and we can turn this around. Life is all about choices. You make choices and you don’t look back because you either made the biggest mistake of your life or the brilliant one.

ungil chum

I still lurk around, maybe waiting for something to post about like right now. I cannot blame the President for what is happening now as he is trying his best for what he believes is best for now, maybe someone else can do it better but he or she is not our President. He was there for the original Constitution (I think..?) so let's have a little more faith and a little more time.

What I think maybe needs to be done is to completely stop with these Amendments and unecessary bills (daylight savings hour law on the second hearing, how do we look now...?). Take a real good look at what is necessary and keep it minimal. Real buisnesses are probably afraid to start their buisnesses in Palau because the law of the land is unstable, while the black buisnesses who don't give a damn and steal are seeing opportunities in Palau. Dunno, maybe we'll see something.

BTW, Happy Landing, as of recently anyway, is the perfect place to go durng weekend mornings, see what pops up there whenever there is free time, and bring some cash.


i agree with you akdirek el loumerang el kmo, some problems that Belau is facing were the same thing three years ago. We started complaining on his first day of work e mlabes el kmo ngkel mlo merek el President er kid a betok a dimlak el ketmokl mechelechang e kedechacherodech engii a ousesisuau ra rebai e kmo, ng dimlak kudengei el kmo mle kirek el file a........ hello? you were the President, how can you not know?

Now we got money issues and we are offering $25,000 reward for any information about the missing rifle. i thought ea Belau a diak lobart a tekoi er ngii, but if someone is being paid more than the $25,000 to hush hush we'll never know. That rifle was in the care of the President's Security Officers when it went missing and none of them know anything.

i better change my mode before i explode.

Aramid, how much cash should i bring and you sure nothing that pops up will osebekii a renguk?
i just want to make sure since i just read the news about the Hppy Landing.



Plan because 99 year lease and dual citizenship are waiting at the end of the tunnel,
I just think Hersey Kyota should start paying close attention to Palauans living abroad. They might be the only hope left that had not been surveyed, unless Palau is doom with the foreigners, cheap labors.....

Is'nt it time a Palauan kid would wonder about the number of Palauans living abroad compare to the actual Palauan living in Palau Is.

Today, Palau is moving toward more foreigners/cheap laborers home place than attractive place for natives.

remain small place with few citezens

Hey Cheuas

I say that it is a disgrace the way you and Kyei Rahonto blame President Johnson for the financial mess that Palau is in.


The very fact that TR, T. Shmull, SP (Walton), AG (Beattie) and Ms Greenberg are gone has improved Palau 100 fold!

Let me say that a person does not become obese from 6 months of bad eating habits. A person becomes obese from bad eating habits that he or she indulged in over long periods.

Similarly, Palau is not in a bad place today because of President Johnson Toribiong policies or lack of it. Palau is in a bad place today because of the inept and corrupt policies of the last two (2) administrations.

Eight foul years (8) of corruption under President Nakamura and another eight stinking (8) years of corruption and intimidation under President Remengesau ruined Palau and now you fool bloggers want to see a reversal in Palau’s fortunes in six (6) months under President Johnson Toribiong? What a laugh! Come on! It will take years to turn Palau around and that is why we MUST vote Toribiong back into Office for another term, when his first term is done.

I noted from recent reports that certain Members of the Senate and House Delegate are still resisting essential legislative reforms that our good President Johnson Toribiong is trying to put through Congress. These are the people I consider traitors. These are the self-serving scum-bags that need to be ‘tarred & feathered’ and kicked out of Palau.

I ask you, how is Johnson Toribiong (who we voted as our President) to do his job effectively and put his good polities into action (to turn our bankrupt country around) when our President is being thwarted by these self serving individuals? If the people want change than they must vote for candidates who have the same vision as the President, people who will work with the President to impove our beloved Palau and not people who have self serving agendas otherwise we have an impasse as we now have!


Recently, through the hard work of Lord Davidson and President Toribiong; Tun Badawi (5th Prime Minister of Malaysian) visited Palau and graciously promised to back the Peleliu Nautilus City project, a billion dollar project the will turn Palau’s economy around for the better.

Palau’s Diplomatic and Trade Ties with Malaysia hinge on the Laws of Palau being reformed.

To attract foreign investments we need the Casino Bill approved; we need banking regulations reformed to enable foreign banks to hold land as collateral. Palau’s foreign Investment Act must allow for foreign companies to partake in businesses that are currently only lawful to Palauan owned companies. This is the way forward for our future to become a golden age. We must not be afraid of foreign investors we must embrace them as partners.

I ask you, why have these fundamental reforms not been made into law? WHAT IS THE OEK DOING?

Our country is going into financial melt-down, we need to act fast! Stop debating – support President Toribiong, than if his policies fail blame him.

It is unfair to blame President Toribiong for not improving the country if the Senate ties the President’s hands and thwart his policies! Even a champion boxer like Mohammed Ali cannot win his fights if his hands were tied.

The People of Palau should be made aware that the NC, SC and/or any other substantial internationally led project cannot be implemented until fundamental changes are made to the archaic and bias laws that still exist today (laws carried forward from the old administrations). If we want Palau to move forward for the better, support your President and CHANGE THE LAW and make Palau foreign investment friendly. Bitching about our President not performing miracles is nonsense and childish.

The days of ‘free-bees’ from the US, Japan and Taiwan are over. We must become competitive! Ask not what our country can do for us; ask what we need to do to make our President’s policies come to fruition!

God bless.


Ollei, fellow islander. You sound so blind and desperate. Wake up and smell the reality. Open your eyes, man. We all should be looking forward for the good of Palau and all Palauans…like some of the lines in your discussion.

And foremost, let’s not blame and point fingers for our present problems at somebody else, that being our past administrations. We learn from the past. And shame on us if we repeat our mistakes.

The point is, and by the way, again, your thoughts are right, in that you’re looking for something to kick start our fledgeling economy. And that is to attract foreign investments. You are just blinded by $$ that you can’t see your nose. And those problems are right in front of our face. Only if you’d looked at other regions that had set examples that we can learn from. Gambling is a disease that leads our people to lose their homes, properties, and their lives. Besides, who in Palau has money to gamble with?

Just look at the state of Hawaii, Guam, and others. So where are the native islanders in these islands? Unless they held on to their lands, they are now serving those same foreign investors whom they all saw $$ from! Is this way you want to see as the future of Palau? It is OK to let foreign investors invest in Palau. However, letting these investments into Palau should not necessarily be damaging to our culture and environment. That should be the foresight that our present OEK and Administration be focused on not the $$. In fact we should allow it but only with our eyes open.

For the last six months, what had happened that, us the general population, see as improvements in Palau a 100 folds? Nothing! Na Da! Sure, the first laws enacted were to increase OEK’s salary which JT approved. Next, TJ wants to increase his wage comparable to the US. As I said earlier, let’s not compare our little island to that of the world super power. U.S.A.’s president makes the kind of salary he makes because it can be afforded. Here in Palau we depend on handouts from U.S.A., Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and others. Yet, somehow our leaders’ focus is on themselves...wage increase. I say, let’s restructure our government system to fit the size of our population and level of economy. And formulate wages accordingly. Then, we can focus on foreign investments with our eyes wide open.

Friends, we voted for these people we thought we could depend on. Now, all we can do is voice our disagreements in hopes of persuading them to do the right thing. We are stuck with them for the next 3.6 years to come. The main issue here is to a have a popular persuasion of our leaders’ minds. Can they hear us?? Let’s hope so.

Sulang Islander. These discussions are important.

Ak di Kyei

Look at you Islander!

You are the only one here who appears different, why? Because you are! You are right! This country is ours, not yours. And the reason why you still think that that tie with Malaysia will help Palau only puts you where we all know that you do not care for anything else but your economic interests which you are looking to gain from that tie. I'll tell you, If that deal is better than it sounds, it would have been forged a long time ago. Why it has not is the fact that, it is people like you whose interest and support are so clear that the whole deal is easily seen through, and all that may pose higher and much dangerous risks in it.

No one is blaming JT for this or that. JT made a promise to the people. A promise that he had not kept. Or was that a big political BS that he had to make to earn votes? If so, then it is best for him to say it into the people's face. JT knew exactly what he was getting himself into, and now you are making excuses for him? Get lost Islander!

So like I told you before, Speak Palauan or Shut up! This beef does not concern you or UK no matter how smart you think you are. Let the Palauans talk about their beloved country, and what's left of that talk may be given to you to only think about, but as far as discussing anything to that regards with us, is out of your league.

Say a paragraph or 2 in Palauan, so we may know that you are among us. Since when have we talked negatively about England or what you should do to your economy, or your queen or your prince
Pick number and wait in the corner....



A menglebokel a berrous sei lsekum ng cheliued el ngarchelid me loritechetech a uldesued lomekrengukl a tebetab ma ked, engii a otamet aikei el ngii a meral dermel a reng ma uldasu lotobed eleng mlo ngesonges a cheos meng mlo diak lemedung edikiliei ra uldasu. Meng uaisei e leuleku meng melemolem a medad eng kelekall ngii el chelaod el mengelim er kid.

A bebil ra klebokel el berrous aikei el dechor a dodai er ngii el tekoi mekede melengelakl e omes, e chemat eleng mekemanget el ues me omesuub ma uldasu a mlutaut meng mlo dechor.

Ka kuk domes el bedul aikel ka longelaod ma ka lemeral tekoi el berrous. Ng chelebuul omosirsii a klaumerang er kau ra tekoi ea uriur e dekebetech a uldasu ma remla motebteb a kedul omengemeiai me omengaisichai el kmal di kedul a ngor el klisiich el dioketa di bechachau ma bedis ea beluu lekedang ra mechitang ma remlachemiis el kuk mo siik a kerruul el ua lak debeluu ma lechub e lengarngii a llechekled el chad.

Ak melekoi el uasisei le tial mlo merek el press conference eng ua blo lecholt Ngirkuteling el mengeo ra delechel a mengeai eleng dechor el delbard meng diak el serrochel ra bertakl. Meng millemolem el diua lekileberruul ra bekl beldeklel omelekoi, ma leko di derenges me lungia rengud, ma lechub e bo lemechalb a rengud ra kmo me dongiil. Ma chioll el tekoi di bla bo lremeremochel er ngii a beluu leng kora kmal kdekudel ku sel bocha molechesuar a kmo, mengii el Ngirkuteling a klaskekokl ra bekall, ma kedul omeius a engeleklang ma besos a kaodechelakl ra rrukl ra mlai, e ngii a dimeltii ma loureor a chad er omelimet engii okor ele leko mla a dirk merael. A tara rechad a mengerar el kmo, ng teruich me chelolem el rak el dimlak a kmal ngerang. Me osisiu a kmo, Ng mereko elolem el buil, ea delengerenger ma chelebuul, a mla chengelakl er a klsel aikal mereko el teruich ma chelolem el rak. E kid omechur mekede medengei, meka dilekau el mo mekbuk aikang e molatk ra ikrel edei ma derngel rak. A rulengeseu ra tebechelel ngii lomerael, mete di ngosechang metoked, ma remeius a di keterkokl kung, letemedekdang ele chelechang ekede mla imiit a melekesokl, e ua belduch el tuich el bedul a merach.

E solae e ngii a me mechimeduu sei el meral berrusir a rechad. Ngii el berrous, a mle duum ruriul luleltirakl ra delemedemek el blulak, ma modoades el telingaol el chilub e msasu a reng ma uldasu ma uchul chelechang eng medideklokl a beluu.

A berrusel Ngirkuteling a nguu a blingelel el kmeed ra cherrungel ra medechel el seboseb, meng millasem e mla melasem, e dirk lmuut el mo melasem, ele seboseb el medechel a klou meng sebechel nguu a blingelel ma derngel el merael meng okeuil. Aikaikid e sechele Belas a meral langel, ma dodideklokl eleng ngikaikid a uchul, engdiak demotuub ma lechuub e bo lolodiich er kid a kmo terua techang, ele dirrek el dodars el mora rebladek, mete mo kongei el kmo, Choi, ngdi ua lemlad a tara bedenged ma lechub eng kmeed er kid, ele aikaiia orekrekemel tial klengar er kid el dekiei el mesiou er ngii ra bekl sils.

Mekuk di leberitiang a delngeseklek e kau bom momcheritem eke ngelem a rengum e kora chungel ku ilkolk meng meringel a lorritel a klebkellem...

Ke mesulang e ngak a kmal diak borker....


hey husky,

who says the youth don't thin about home? I know I do.

Islander..Here we are again my good sir. We have talked about this same Nautilus Pipedream of yours forever it seems and here you are again..

Your bound to lose your mind if you keep bumping your head against a wall. It is not going to happen..NO NAUTILUS CITY..NOT IN YOUR LIFE TIME SIR!

I must agree though, that to blame JT for the ill's the country is facing is a bit much, but to call our elected officials in our OEK self-serving provocateurs is not going to do you or your Dear Lord Davidson any favors.

It is people like you, Jackson Ngiraingas and Davidson that are provocateurs. Your cry for our OEK to change our FIB laws, so that you all can steal our birthrights is so transparent we don't care if the islands economy takes a dive, we will not change our laws to let vultures like you in.

" To attract foreign investments we need the Casino Bill approved; we need banking regulations reformed to enable foreign banks to hold land as collateral. Palau’s foreign Investment Act must allow for foreign companies to partake in businesses that are currently only lawful to Palauan owned companies. This is the way forward for our future to become a golden age. We must not be afraid of foreign investors we must embrace them as partners." by Islander

That one paragraphed quote of yours alone shows
how it is you see Palau..You dont care the what these things will do. All you see is the money they might bring and nothing else..

Trying to hide your motives by wrapping it up as an economic stimulator or our only way forward only shows you to be a provocateur of the first order. A money hungry shyster.
Your willing to sell anything for a buck..yours or not you dont care. Make it easy for any foreigners to come in and rape the land and the people..that's okay with you as long as there's money. Your a sad excuse....

You have slowly but surely made it tougher on yourselves. You, JNgiraingas and Davidson have enraged and increased the support for the OEK to make sure that the President and JNgiraingas do not change our FIB Laws or have the final say on FIB matters.
Desperate people like you and JN will take desperate measures...we on the other hand will
move forward slowly with our eyes wide open
to assure our future generations a Palau we are proud of and at peace. Not in ruins and in pieces as you and your cohorts will surely bring.

These grandiose dreams of NC and or Casino's will never see the light of day because of your arrogance and ignorance. So give it up.



Let me join the others in urging you to hold your forked tongue. You should know by now that nobody cares what you think. NC is, and always has been, a fraud.

Alii Delulchum,

Wondering why people are afraid. Here is my latest article in Tia Belau I would to offer as a response to your question. I may not satisfy your question but at least you know that I have thought about this problem seriously.

Ngerulmud Let Me Be Free

With loud gun shots and bombs, democracy fought its way into Palau almost at the same time when the Americans beat the Japanese during the deadly WWII. From talking with old people, it would be safe to say that Palauans were very fearful and not willing participants of democracy as we would want to believe. They just quietly accepted and followed what they were told by their American administrators as they did with the Spaniard Christianity, German industrialization, and the Japanese indoctrination. At best they were quiet participants of democracy not fully knowing its precepts (techel a tekoi ma ikel osisecheklel).

Today democracy is deeply engrained in our thinking as it has been implanted in our Constitution forever. But this time it is not the foreigners who we are afraid of but our own OEK. On August 18, 2009 House of Delegates session, loud strong words were shot out of the symbolic dome of democracy at Ngerulmud against two citizens in particular for exercising their freedom of speech. To leave no doubt that views, especially in differing or opposing position to OEK, from the public are not only not welcomed but must be silenced permanently, a powerful congressman likened these two citizens to barking dogs.

The greatest fear for Palauans is retribution in the form of public shame. For a congressman to single out citizens by calling their names during a televised session is a sure way to assassinate the character and reputation of these citizens. I admit that there are only few Palauans, who have the nerve of steel, to stand up and be a target of criticism from the powerful members of OEK. Maybe senators and delegates are not aware but most Palauans are very fearful to express their opinions. One of the reasons why people do not show up to public hearings conducted by OEK for many years already is the fear of being criticized.

If a person like me, who is known to be very vocal in expressing his views, can be disregarded or intentionally be put down in public, ordinary people in the community rather be silent than be subjected to hostility from the mighty OEK. To be called short of being a dog by your own congress is a direct insult and slap to the face of democracy. Only in Palau members of Congress can attack the citizens for exercising their rights as if it was the norm. Yes, I did stand up against a senator who degraded citizens he was having problems with. So for the rest of members of the Congress to tolerate this behavior is a shame and set back on our development as a free nation.

I therefore appeal to senators and delegates to be open and tolerable to diversity of views from the people. And to discipline its members when they feel that they have the right to criticize or put down Palauan citizens for exercising our constitutional right and freedom to free speech. Please allow us to be free to hold views even though they are different or contradictory to members of OEK. This is democracy after all and OEK members swore to defend our rights and freedom. God Bless Palau and let freedom rings in the hearts of every Palauan.


Ungil sils lekor kau e Santy.

Ngkmal meral tekoi aikal molekoi..

I concure wholeheartedly your appeal to our OEK members to be open and tolerable to the people and the different views expressed.
I have been toiling with the idea of writing an open letter to reiterat the reasons why these people in the OEK were elected and what they're responsibilities are to the people and what they have so far shown, not just the last six months but for the last 8+ years. I never completed it because unlike you I'm a bit too frank in speech and mentallity my words tend to lean towards the harsher accusatory side of things. I have yet to master the Bard like compositions that so eloquently flow out of your mind.

Me akora mle bekikl el meluches a kora kmal meringel e meseked el tekoi, leng diak el ngerang. Ngarngii a chomelengmes el bedul a rechad el ngar aikal deruchall mea rechad era buai el kora chetik el tomelii...Endi chelchang eng dikeang me ka mongiil ek lechesii elmo ungil e kudureklii edesall kmo ngmo kelsakel..:)

Ngkired el melengmes era deruchall mea rechad el lolab engdi aikal blekeradel el bladues el kora kmal mekngit e diak a ngeral meduung mea lechub eng
mekeral kirel a uchul meng sokod lobes a chomelengmes e smuuched el mestirir.

It has been discussed in here too..the ignorance that some of our elected officials have shown and the utter silence that the rest of them have towards such abhorring actions its become encumbent on us as the true power in this democracy to cry foul and put aside our respect for the these few people in these offices and speak our minds even in a manner unbecoming of gentlemen.

To fight fire with fire.

Our hands have been forced. We did not vote them there and give them absolute power over us, nor did we send them there to do whatever they wanted.
They have either forgotten how they got there or that this is a democracy, but we haven't. Some of them may not understand what it is to live in a democracy, but we havent. Their voices need not be heard but ours must be.

They have come to believe that the power resides with them..a fallacy that has befallen hordes of arrogant elected officials throughout history. Until they realize this and show some sense of humility towards the people they serve we shall
have to show them the same.

Something has to be said and done..Along with the help of the media to expose such undemocratic and ignorant behaviors being commited by our elected offcials. I would suggest that something be done along with the media and the education dept to form a show, event or a class to teach the public especially the youth their responsibilites and rights in our democracy.
I have a feeling that along with the fear of public ridicule some in our democracy do not quite understand their rights and duties in it.

thanks for the reminder e kabong e kurech ertail
tengami elkmo ngmo kelsakel..;)


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